News 2020

Health advice from Brass Band England - Covid-19

In order to keep our members informed and follow our duty of care the Corby Silver Band Committee would like to draw your attention to the following guidelines published by Brass Band England. The committee will closely monitor all national or BBE advice and make decisions over rehearsals / events based on this advice.

Area contest workshop

On Saturday 8th February, the band particpated in a contest workshop day. This has now become an annual event, which we started last year and worked extremely well in helping to fine tune our perfomance of the area test piece.

Guest tutors were invited to work with the various sections of the band to help develop our performance.

After lunch the full band got together once more to rehearse  before being given critique on our perfomance from Jeremy Wise, who then worked with the band for the final hour of the workshop day making suggestions for further improvements to our performance.

Once more, the band found this to be a very useful day in preparation for the area contest. We would like to say a massive thank you to our all tutors - Nathan Waterman, Joshua Gilding, Andy Mayell, Chris Jeans & Mike.


A great start to 2020

It was a great start to 2020 as we welcomed a couple of new players and welcomed back a returning member to the band.

We have been joined by Liz and Owen Yarrow.  Liz is a accomplished baritone player and son, Owen is very talented too as he plays percussion and cornet.  He has joined the band to play solo cornet at the area contest in March.

We have also been joined by Paul Bateman, who further strengthens the trombone section.  Corby Silver Band is Paul's first brass band.

We have welcomed back Fred Harris to the band.  Fred joined the band last year, but unfortunately ill health meant that he needed to take a break from banding, so it is nice to see Fred back in our band family.

There is also exciting news regarding our 1st horn vacancy, which we will be able to announce soon, so watch this space ....