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Written by Will Taylor on 8. Nov, 2010
Well done Corby for arranging the joint concert last Saturday, Hope we raised plenty of money for Help for Heroes. An excellent concert and I enjoyed playing with the massed band!

Written by Caras Friend on 3. Nov, 2010
I like the site :)
it quenched my thirst for knowlage.
Written by Peter on 26. Oct, 2010
Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.
Written by Leslie 'King Kong' Pun on 13. Sep, 2010
Just visited the site and am very, very impressed. I'd like to say hi, hello and bonjour (it's slightly misleading, but, i left the band to live in France, but, kept my 'old' UK email address) to all my ex-band mates (and new ones, too)at CSB. I'm going grey, but, after seeing some of the photos of older/senior members i don't feel so bad!!! Great result from the last contest - Well Done. I have saved a few of the photos on your site as a reminder of the few wonderful years i had with you on Bass. I am really sorry to hear about Robert who i will always remember for his smile and happy face.

Best regards to you all

Just joined a local band on Bass (which happens to be older than me!!), L'Harmonie Nancéienne, but, i will always remember my time with Beanfield school brass band and the Corby Silver band. Vive le Brass!!!

Written by Scott Morton on 25. Aug, 2010
Just saw the news about Robert Baxter... what a shocker.
A real gentleman who made feel very welcome when I joined the band.
Written by Richard Shaw on 24. Mar, 2010
A Big Thank you to all who showed warmth and friendship on my return to contesting.
Also Massive thanks to everyone who made sure I didnt go home straight away, but made the 10 minute walk from The Bedworth Pub to home a 20 minute one due to slight staggering....was a pleasure seeing you all again.
Written by Kerry Spence on 15. Mar, 2010
thanks for yesterday guys. it was so much fun :D
Written by Sarah Bates on 13. Mar, 2010
Good Luck to Corby for the areas tomorrow. Best Wishes. Kevin & Sarah Bates
Written by Peter on 14. Jan, 2010
Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.